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Since 1976, General Hydroponics has delivered consistent quality at an exceptional value for commercial greenhouse and indoor growers alike. The brand's #1 best selling product line, Flora Series, has been a perennial industry favorite and category leader for years - demonstrating that commercial growers have come to rely on General Hydroponics as a trusted brand through every growing cycle in their business. Similarly, for more than twenty years, Botanicare has delivered unconventional nutrient formulations that drive quality yields among craft-minded small and large scale growers alike.

As we work with you to improve yield, elevate quality, or troubleshoot, know that our nutrient expertise includes more than 100 years of proven success in professional horticulture, pro turf, the development and innovation of next gen water-soluble, granular, as well as coated, liquid, and organic fertilizer technologies. Whether our brands or expanded resources through Scotts Miracle Gro, the options are limitless. And if that wasn’t enough, we make, manufacture, distribute, and service our nutrients ourselves; we challenge you to find a more complete portfolio of quality products.

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